EZWands™ Come to Tiny Pioneer and Desert Harvest Gets a New Look!

EZWands™ Come to Tiny Pioneer and Desert Harvest Gets a New Look!

We have a couple of pieces of news to share with you here at Tiny Towers!

Firstly, Desert Harvest is in the process of rebranding, so don’t be alarmed if you receive some very different looking products in your next order! The logo has changed; the colours have changed; and Reléveum® is even moving from bottles to tubs. We’re still receiving some stock in the old designs, but some has already moved across to the new branding. That means for the next few months, your orders might have a mixture of old bottles and new bottles in them. None of the ingredients or formulations has changed – they’re all still the same products you know and love, just in different clothes!

We don’t yet have images of the new designs, but when we receive them from Desert Harvest, we’ll be updating them on the Tiny Pioneer site. We’ll also be replacing the old Desert Harvest logo with the new one at some stage. We British aren’t really a people that embrace change (Heinz Salad Cream can testify to that!), so consider this your advance warning to get used to the idea! You can check out the new logo on Desert Harvest’s own website if you want a sneak peek to acclimatise. We think the new Super Strength Aloe Vera Capsules look great and we can’t wait to see some of the other products!

Secondly, you might remember us posting a blog about EZMagic pelvic wands a couple of months ago. If you missed it, you can check it out here – it includes information about:

Iliana Brockman, owner of ICRelief LLC which manufactures the wands

The unique features of EZWands™

Pelvic pain conditions that might respond positively to using EZWands

Tiny’s own experience of using the EZMagic

We’re extremely excited to announce that Tiny Pioneer has just become a stockist of both the EZMagic and EZFit pelvic wands! You can click this link to read a little about ICRelief LLC and to help you decide which wand may be best for your needs. You can also click the individual product links to be taken directly to the EZMagic page or the EZFit page where you can read more detailed information about each of the wands.

At Tiny Pioneer, we pride ourselves on doing business in an ethical way and using only suppliers who share our values. No matter how impressive a product’s profit margins may be, if its manufacture relies on dubious practices, or its efficacy is in question, we will not stock it. We love Desert Harvest’s ethos and are really proud to supply their products. Having spoken to Iliana Brockman, we can confirm that her company, ICRelief LLC, shares Desert Harvest’s passion for improving the lives of interstitial cystitis sufferers and has ideals that closely align with those of Tiny Pioneer. ICRelief and Desert Harvest often work together in the US, so if you need an extra stamp of approval for EZWands, there you have it!

Wishing you the best of health,

Tiny Pioneer