Desert Harvest

Desert Harvest creates nutritional supplements and natural skincare products, designed with interstitial cystitis sufferers in mind.  All of the products contain aloe vera, which research shows may have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, tissue-repairing and analgesic properties.  Desert Harvest uses aloe vera grown without pesticides.  The oral supplements have aloe vera's anthraquinone laxatives removed in a patented process, to ensure that they are gentle on the stomach and suitable for long term use.  The skincare supplements are free from parabens and artificial preservatives.  

Desert Harvest's original products were developed especially to help a family member with her own interstitial cystitis.  The company remains family owned and operated, and is committed to improving the lives of those with painful bladder conditions.  You can rest assured that all of Desert Harvest's oral supplements are bladder-friendly.  

Tiny, founder of Tiny Pioneer, discovered Desert Harvest as a result of her own bladder and vaginal pain. She has personally used many Desert Harvest products and although she is now recovered, she still considers several of the items to be essential additions to her health and beauty regime!  She is incredibly proud to be able to offer Desert Harvest goods to the UK and European market and hopes Tiny Pioneer's association with Desert Harvest will help to raise the profile of complementary approaches to managing chronic genitourinary problems.