Tiny Pioneer

EZWands™ are manufactured in the USA by ICRelief LLC.  They were developed by Iliana Brockman to help with her own pelvic floor dysfunction and interstitial cystitis and are now recommended by physiotherapists all over the world.  Made from non-porous, medical-grade, borosilicate glass, EZWands are hypoallergenic, easy to clean, free from dangerous toxins, and will not degrade or leach chemicals into your body.  They are super smooth for easy insertion and may be used warm, cool or at room temperature. 

Which model you purchase entirely depends on your own needs and preference.  One is not ‘better’ than the other.  The EZMagic is well suited to internal massage, as its curved shape allows easy access to hard to reach areas.  The EZFit works well as a dilator tool for those who have confidence issues around penetration.  It can also be used after EZMagic massage or intercourse to provide cooling relief. 

Tiny was introduced to Iliana Brockman by Desert Harvest, which frequently features EZWands on its own website.  ICRelief shares the same business ethics and dedication to improving the lives of interstitial cystitis sufferers that Desert Harvest is committed to.  Those of you already familiar with the Desert Harvest brand can therefore be confident that ICRelief has similar company values.  Tiny Pioneer only supplies the products of companies it can trust and we are extremely proud and excited to be able to offer EZWands in our store!