Cow & Bull Range

NXGEN Wholefoods’ Cow & Bull range provides premium blends of bovine organs and glands, taken from cattle raised on regenerative farms in Lake Eyre, Central Australia.  Premixed to target desired health goals rather than individual organs, the Cow & Bull range offers a simple, cost-effective way for consumers to experience the benefits of multiple organs in single products. 

Cow & Bull products are made from organic, raw, freeze dried, un-defatted organ and glandular powders.  NXGEN Wholefoods uses a gentle 48 hour drying cycle to remove water from the raw tissues in order to retain natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes, peptides and cofactors.  A patented cryogenic milling process prevents heat from affecting heat-sensitive nutrients.  NXGEN Wholefoods manages the complete supply chain process from farm to jar and can trace every product back to the farm and animal. 

The Cow & Bull range contains no hormones, pesticides, GMO ingredients, fillers, or preservatives.