Cow & Bull Gut and Digestion (180 Capsules)

Cow and Bull Gut and Digestion Capsules Front

Cow & Bull Gut and Digestion (180 Capsules)


NXGEN Wholefoods Cow & Bull Gut and Digestion is packed with critical nutrients and peptides which might support leaky gut, digestive issues, and autoimmune illness.  Gut health is more important than previously thought, having an impact on a range of physical and mental health conditions.  It is therefore essential to keep the digestive system functioning well in order to ensure optimum wellbeing.  If you have IBS, bloating, inflammation, cramping, food intolerances, or other digestive disturbances, Cow & Bull Gut and Digestion might be of interest to you.  It contains a strategic blend of the exact organs that it seeks to support.

  • Stomach, also known as tripe, contains peptides which might assist with gut repair. 
  • Intestines contain peptides which might aid in the resolution of inflammation and contribute to maintenance of the gut epithelial lining.
  • Spleen contains peptides which might support blood health and immune function.  It contains alkylglycerols (AKGs), which have been shown to help fight infections. 
  • Pancreas contains gastrin releasing peptides, which stimulate the release of digestive enzymes.
  • Liver contains LEAP-2, an antimicrobial peptide, as well as selenium, vitamin B3, vitamin B12, and vitamins A, D, E and K.

In days gone by, many cultures ate according to the principle of ‘like supports like’.  They would have consumed digestive organs believing that this would support and improve their own digestive health.  This blend of freeze dried intestines with tripe, pancreas, spleen and liver allows modern humans to benefit from ancestral nose-to-tail nourishment in a more convenient and palatable way! 


Take six capsules daily, or as directed by a healthcare professional. For best results take all six capsules in one serving with a large glass of water, but if this is not possible, feel free to spread the intake into smaller servings. NXGEN Wholefoods recommends three months and ongoing of consistent usage. 

The capsules may be taken with or without food. The capsules may be emptied into food or cool beverages if you are not squeamish about doing this.

If you have an autoimmune condition, are in generally poor health, are new to organ supplements, or know yourself to be sensitive to supplements, it is strongly recommended that you introduce these capsules slowly and increase to the full serving size gradually. For example, you could take one capsule a day for the first week, two capsules a day for the second week, three capsules a day for the third week, and so on. 

Detox reactions are more likely to occur when starting at the full serving size. Detox reactions may include, but are not limited to:  headaches; lethargy; flu-like symptoms; anxiety; tummy ache; irritability; and difficulty sleeping. Please educate yourself about detox reactions, also known as healing crises or Herxheimer reactions, before purchasing this product. We will NOT issue refunds because you had a detox reaction and didn’t like it. 


Each bovine gelatin capsule contains:  50mg of freeze dried Australian grass fed beef liver (bovine); 133mg of freeze dried Australian grass fed pancreas (bovine); 133mg of freeze dried Australian grass fed spleen (bovine); 133mg of freeze dried Australian grass fed intestine (bovine); 133mg of freeze dried Australian grass fed stomach/tripe (bovine).


NXGEN Wholefoods Cow & Bull Gut and Digestion Capsules are:

  • Sourced from 100% grass fed cattle from Australian Regenerative Farms
  • Traceable back to the farm and animal
  • Raw and freeze dried
  • Free of antibiotics and pesticides
  • Free of GMO ingredients and hormones
  • Made without fillers, additives or preservatives
  • Suitable for keto and carnivore diets

To view more information about Cow & Bull Gut and Digestion Capsules on the NXGEN Wholefoods website, please follow this link

Tiny says:  As these are new to the store, I have not had chance to try them yet!  They look like a fantastic blend though and I will definitely be giving them a go!  I’d love to know how those of you with food intolerances and a tendency to bloat find these capsules.  

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    Cow and Bull Gut and Digestion Capsules Front

    Cow & Bull Gut and Digestion (180 Capsules)