NXGEN Wholefoods

NXGEN Wholefoods was founded in 2018 to bring back to the modern world the kind of nose-to-tail nourishment practised by our ancestors.  For centuries, traditional cultures consumed every part of an animal, wasting nothing.  Not only was this a more sustainable way of eating, but it also provided a wider array of bioavailable vitamins, minerals, enzymes and peptides than consuming muscle meats alone.  Over the last century or so, humans have become rather squeamish about the parts of the animal they consume and this traditional way of eating has largely died out. 

Our tastes may have changed, but the nutritional needs of our bodies have not.  NXGEN Wholefoods offers a range of freeze dried organ capsules to provide some of the nutrients missing from modern diets in the bioavailable forms intended by nature. 

All NXGEN Wholefoods products are made in Australia using Australian cattle from regenerative farms.  No pesticides, hormones, GMO ingredients, fillers or preservatives are used. The cattle live outdoors and are grass fed and grass finished.  They are free to roam, but have ready access to fresh, clean drinking water, shelter and shade.  The ingredients used in NXGEN Wholefoods products are raw and freeze dried to preserve nutrients.

NXGEN Wholefoods have been working in the cattle industry for more than 50 years and they manage the complete supply chain from farm to jar.  They conduct the entire freeze drying, milling, encapsulation and packing process.  Their products are BSE free and can be traced back to the farm and animal. 

The Cow & Bull range was developed to allow consumers to experience the benefits of multiple organs in one product.  This simplifies the process of attaining a specific health outcome and removes the need for buying several different organs separately.  It is a cost effective way to target a body system rather than a specific organ. 

The NXGEN range predominantly contains individual ingredients for when targeted support for a specific organ is desired. 

Tiny Pioneer currently stocks only the NXGEN Wholefoods Cow & Bull range and is delighted to do so!