Quickly Test UTItest 5V® (50 Test Strips)

Quickly Test UTItest 5V® (50 Test Strips)

Sweet Cures Quickly Test UTItest 5V® Urine Test Strips with 5 Key UTI Indicators are straightforward to use and provide accurate results within two minutes.  They can be used to check for leukocytes, nitrites, protein and blood, as well as to monitor urine pH.  This can help you to assess whether bladder infection is present and monitor treatment progress. 

Sweet Cures Urine Test Strips are suitable for home and laboratory urinalysis.  They can be used alongside Waterfall D-Mannose to monitor progress and indicate when to increase or decrease the dosage.  Full instructions for use and interpretation are included inside the box, but in summary:

  • The presence of blood and leukocytes indicates infection and/or inflammation.
  • The presence of protein indicates possible kidney involvement in the infection.
  • Nitrites in the urine typically indicate the presence of bacteria, although not all bacteria give positive nitrite results. 
  • A pH of 7.5 to 8 usually helps to slow bacterial growth and helps to prevent further infections. 

While monitoring the health of your urine can provide early warning of infections and can help in understanding your progress, it might not represent the whole picture.  Sweet Cures Urine Test Strips can tell you with a high degree of reliability if there infection present in your urine, but cannot tell you what species of bacteria are causing the symptoms.  If infection is present, consider having your urine collected by a competent clinic to identify the specific agents responsible.

Please use multiple results for diagnosis or therapy in the context of all other medical findings.  Large amounts of ascorbic acid in the urine can produce artificially low to false-negative results when testing for blood and nitrites.  It is advisable to repeat any testing upon starting or stopping new medication, as knowledge of the effects of drugs and their metabolites upon the parameters and reagents is incomplete.   

Sweet Cures Quickly Test UTItest 5V test strips give medical-level reliability and are easy to use compared with other brands.  A simple guide is provided for home use, along with a full medical leaflet for professional use.  Each box contains 50 test strips and once opened, the strips should be used within three months.  The strips should be stored between 2 and 30 degrees Celsius, out of direct sunlight or humidity, in their original packaging.  The lid should be replaced quickly and tightly after each use and any desiccants must be left in the tub. 


Full directions for use and interpretation are provided with the product.  The general gist is:  collect some urine in a container; dip a test strip in for two seconds; blot it a little; wait for twenty seconds; and then start comparing the colours on the indicator pads to the colours in the interpretation guide at the appropriate times! 


The composition of the reagents is provided with the product. 

Tiny says:  I have carried out urine testing at home in the past and it is really helpful to be able to get an idea of whether there is infection present without needing to wait for a doctor’s appointment.  If you do find infection, I strongly recommend that you contact your doctor or medical professional as soon as possible.  However, being able to detect and monitor things quickly and easily at home is great and it allows you to adjust your bladder health regime accordingly!  I take Waterfall D-Mannose Powder twice a day as standard and probably always will, but if I ever felt any symptoms of cystitis, I would definitely take a urine test and increase the dose!  Those of you with interstitial cystitis might find regular urine testing useful in helping you to monitor urine pH too.

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    Quickly Test UTItest 5V® (50 Test Strips)