Tiny Pioneer

Hello, Europe!

Tiny Pioneer

Announcements are like buses at Tiny Towers this week – there are none for ages and then two come along at once!  This one will be brief, but we’re very excited – we have now opened up our website so that anyone in a European Union member country can order from it!! 

We’ve had a few requests in the past to ship overseas, but people outside the UK and Ireland have previously had to email us their order and pay by bank transfer or PayPal.  We’ve also had to mess about with exchange rates and weights to calculate shipping costs in advance, which hasn’t been ideal for either party.  We’ve now made it so that the online shop is accessible in all EU countries, which is great for Desert Harvest’s European customers, as they should now be able to get hold of their favourite products more quickly and more cheaply than before. 

To keep things super simple, overseas customers can enjoy flat rate shipping – at the time of writing this is set at £6.50 per order, but we’ll review it after a few months to check it’s working out okay.  Whereas shipping options within the UK are quite broad, there are loads of different weight categories for international shipping, so it has the potential to be rather complicated. 

Irish customers will be pleased to learn that our weight based shipping system has been removed and our international flat rate shipping charge now extends to you too!  People in the UK, your flat rate shipping costs are still £4.50 and you can still get free shipping on orders over £80.  Unfortunately we can’t offer free shipping overseas at this time. 

We trade in GBP and we are only able to trade in English.  We will however be including an information page in various commonly spoken languages in due course so that hopefully most site visitors will be able to find what they need. 

We very much look forward to pushing the frontiers of complementary healthcare outside of the English Channel!  It always makes us smile when we see that one of our regular customers has placed an order – we feel like you’ve become friends when we see a familiar name and address pop up, or receive a nice message saying you’re feeling better.  It will be fun to get to know some overseas names and addresses too – we might get one of those big maps on our wall to stick pins in! 

Wishing you the best of health,

Tiny Pioneer