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Desert Harvest Announcements - New Products Coming Soon!

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If you visited the Tiny Pioneer website while it was down, you may remember that we promised you some exciting news once we were back up and running.  We don’t have full details yet, so when you’ve read this you’ll know as much as we do, but drumroll, please…! 

Desert Harvest is introducing a new low acidic, IC friendly, multi vitamin and mineral supplement! 

We were SUPER excited when we heard this news – anyone with interstitial cystitis who has tried to find a multi will know that it is tricky getting one with everything in the form you want and in decent amounts.  We don’t know exactly what will be inside the Desert Harvest version yet, but we can’t wait to find out and we think it will make life much easier for anyone with special bladder or dietary requirements!  When Tiny was swapping her multi vitamin a while ago, she actually thought how nice it would be if Desert Harvest made one, but she never asked about it.  It looks like lots of other people must have had the same idea and we bet it’s going to sell like hot cakes as soon as it’s launched!  We hope Team DH will bake enough for us, because we think lots of our customers are going to be really keen to try this! 

The Desert Harvest Calcium and D3 supplement is being superseded with separate calcium and D3 supplements. 

The D3 will be at a higher concentration of 1000 IU, meaning you can more easily achieve your recommended daily allowance or load up to fight infections!  And…the calcium will be on its own in glycerophosphate form – the exact same form used in Prelief!  In the past, tinypioneer.co.uk has received enquiries about stocking Prelief and we did explore the possibility of doing so.  However, although its team were courteous and informative, we were not properly satisfied that the ethos of the parent company was a correct match for our own and we therefore decided not to proceed with a business relationship at that time.  We are absolutely thrilled that Desert Harvest is now to launch its own calcium glycerophosphate supplement, as we love its values and feel it is a highly ethical company.  It is a family owned and operated business that uses quality ingredients, is environmentally aware and does not test on animals – and of course it is passionate about helping IC sufferers to achieve a better quality of life.  We hope any Tiny Pioneer customers who use Prelief will be really excited about this news!  (This does, of course, mean that we won’t be getting anymore combined Calcium and D3 once our current stock runs out, so if you are settled on it and don’t want to change anytime soon, you might want to order extra while you can still get hold of it.) 

Finally, Desert Harvest is to launch a probiotic supplement! 

This will contain the hard-to-find strain, Bifidobacterium infantis, which has been extensively researched with positive results in IBS, ulcerative colitis, inflammation, psoriasis, and other autoimmune disorders.  Desert Harvest tells us that some strains of probiotics can cause increased inflammation for those with autoimmune disorders.  We’re keen to learn more about this, but we assume (so don’t quote us on this bit) that it will be because some strains can elevate histamine production, which is why people with histamine intolerance often have to avoid certain fermented foods.  Research has shown that Bifidobacterium infantis does not cause increased inflammation in sufferers of auto-immune disorders and it is also very good for vaginal health. 

Last time we spoke to Desert Harvest, they said the above products should be coming out this autumn, so we’re not sure how long it will be before they’re available from Tiny Pioneer, but as soon as we can get our hands on some, we will do so!  We’ll then obviously have more details about ingredients, dosages, cost and so on, which we will put on each product’s individual page. 

That’s the exciting announcements done, but before we bring this blog to a close, there is just one more piece of information to share with you.  Desert Harvest has had to temporarily switch its capsules from an off-white capsule to a clear capsule as a result of the recent hurricanes in the US.  It hopes to be back to the off-white capsules by the end of the year and there is no change in the composition or ingredients of the off-white capsule versus the clear one.  They are still vegi-caps and it is still the same ingredient inside, so don’t worry!

Wishing you the best of health,

Tiny Pioneer