Tiny Pioneer

New Products, New Prices and a Comeback!

Tiny Pioneer

Last October I told you that some new Desert Harvest products were to be launched.  I’m excited to announce that all four of them are now in stock and ready for you to purchase! 

We’ve had the calcium glycerophosphate for a few weeks now – this is the same form used in Prelief and can be taken to reduce the acidity of food and drinks, without impacting on stomach acid.  I think this will be a really popular product, as no matter how careful we are with our diet and lifestyle, flare ups can occasionally happen.  When they do, most people just want some symptomatic relief and calcium glycerophosphate should make eating and drinking during a flare up much easier.  It can also be taken to raise calcium levels, if this is something you need. 

Desert Harvest’s old calcium supplement contained vitamin D3, so there is now a separate vitamin D3 supplement in a higher strength of 1000 IU per capsule.  This will make achieving optimum levels of vitamin D3 easier than with the combined capsules, which contained only 200 IU per serving.  However, it turns out that the old combined Calcium and Vitamin D3 had such a loyal following, that Desert Harvest has had to bring it back!  The plan was that the new separate supplements would supersede the old combined version, but so many people wrote to lament its demise that Desert Harvest restarted production!  We will continue to stock the combined Calcium and D3 as well as the two separate versions and it will be entirely down to your personal preference which you use. 

Most exciting of all, in my opinion, is the arrival of the Desert Harvest Multi Vitamin Low Acid Formula.  Finding a multivitamin supplement that is safe for sensitive bladders is a real challenge – it took me weeks to choose the one I’ve been taking for the last couple of years and I don’t have a bladder anywhere near as sensitive as some of you, as the glass of orange juice I’ve just enjoyed as a rare Sunday morning treat can attest to!  Desert Harvest has developed its multi to be completely IC friendly.  It contains NO vitamin B6; no ascorbic acid; and the B9 and B12 are in absorbable methyl forms.  I also think it’s incredible value for money as you get a three month supply in each tub.  

Finally, Desert Harvest’s new probiotic supplement is also with us.  It contains Bifidobacterium infantis at a count of one billion CFU per capsule, which is a dosage many people consider entirely sufficient for their needs.  I’ve got to be honest and say I’ve not taken a count of less than 20 billion a day for years and I eat loads of fermented foods, but the major advantage of this particular strain is that it is one of the only ones shown to be compatible with autoimmune disorders.  Some strains can aggravate autoimmune conditions, but Bifidobacterium infantis does not and it has been shown in clinical studies to reduce symptoms of IBS, ulcerative colitis and a host of additional inflammatory conditions that manifest themselves outside of the GI tract.  It is of course IC safe and good for vaginal health. 

I can’t possibly afford to add it to my existing probiotic regime, which is eye wateringly expensive each month as it is.  However, having read up on the benefits of the strain, I am keen to try it, so I feel another massive probiotic overhaul coming on when I’ve got several hours and a couple of days off to spare!  (When I switch to a new probiotic, I tend to get digestive issues for a couple of days, so I never make the change during a busy work time, or if I’ve got somewhere special to be!  When you take a new probiotic, always give it at least a few days to settle before you decide whether or not it suits you.  The exception would obviously be if you reacted in a severe or dangerous way.) 

That’s all the news regarding new products, but I do have some news about some of the old ones too!  As you know, we review our prices from time to time, as they are very much affected by exchange rates and we want to ensure we’re always providing you with good value.  We’re very passionate about this, as we know all too well from personal experience what a struggle it can be finding the money for health products.  We’re happy to tell you that we’ve just dropped the price of the Desert Harvest Super Strength Aloe Vera Capsules and of the Desert Harvest Releveum to reflect the current economic climate.  Fluctuations in exchange rates have far more impact on our more expensive items than they do on the smaller ones, so everything else is staying the same.  We hope the reductions will help you out a little though – and enjoy them, because of course when the exchange rates swing back, we’ll be reviewing again!   

Wishing you the best of health,

Tiny Pioneer