Waterfall D-Mannose Mints (50 Mints)


Waterfall D-Mannose Mints (50 Mints)

Waterfall D-Mannose Mints are a fun new way to take your D-Mannose! Made with organic peppermint extract, they taste like regular breath mints and can be sucked, chewed or swallowed with or without water. 

Waterfall D-Mannose Mints are packaged in plastic-free travel dispensers for convenient, on-the-go usage. D-Mannose is recognised by the NHS as an alternative way to prevent urinary tract infections and Waterfall D-Mannose is derived from birch, not corn. Peppermint is IC-friendly and peppermint oil is currently being studied as a potential treatment for interstitial cystitis. 

D-Mannose may be taken alongside Tiny Pioneer aloe vera products. You can read more about D-Mannose and its role in cystitis and interstitial cystitis in this blog post

Gluten-free; suitable for vegetarians and vegans. No known drug interactions. May be used by diabetics, but monitor blood sugar as usual. May be used by people with candida. 


For immediate support take two or three mints every 2-3 hours and once during the night, up to a maximum of 18 mints a day. 

For ongoing support take two or three mints once or twice a day, or use them as a refreshing breath mint throughout the day. 

Take two or three mints before and after known triggers, such as sex. 


Each mint contains:  0.9g D-Mannose; 0.1g organic peppermint extract; maltodextrin; vegetarian magnesium stearate; HPMC film coating. 

Tiny says:  I would never be without D-Mannose! I take it twice a day, every day, no matter where I am or what I’m doing. I definitely feel that it protects me from developing UTIs and I believe it was also a helpful part of my PGAD recovery. I am not very keen on mints so I have never tried these, but my mum loves them! Like me, she takes D-Mannose daily to keep cystitis at bay, but she is not very good at taking regular tablets. These handy mints have made it much easier for her to keep up her regime when she’s out of the house!  

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    Waterfall D-Mannose Mints (50 Mints)