Waterfall D-Mannose Tablets (50 x 1000mg)

Waterfall D-Mannose Tablets (50 x 1000mg)

D-Mannose supports a healthy bladder.  These Waterfall D-Mannose tablets are packaged in convenient, pocket-sized, biodegradable boxes for times when it isn’t convenient to take D-Mannose powder, or for those who simply prefer to take tablets!  

D-Mannose may be taken alongside Tiny Pioneer aloe vera products.  You can read more about the properties of D-Mannose and its role in cystitis and interstitial cystitis in this blog post.  

Gluten free; suitable for vegetarians.  Packaging recyclable.  No known drug interactions.  May be used by diabetics, but monitor blood sugar as usual. May be used by people with candida. 


For urgent support take two or three tablets every 2-3 hours and once in the night.  For ongoing support, take two or three tablets daily and take extra before and after known triggers, such as sex.  


Per tablet:  1000mg Pure Bio-Active D-Mannose (vegetarian magnesium stearate and HPMC film coating less than 0.1g)

Tiny says:  D-Mannose is part of my daily regimen and I’d never be without it.  I think that if I take it twice daily, I am better protected against developing cystitis.  I also believe that beginning to take it regularly was a helpful part of my PGAD recovery.  I personally prefer the powder, but I do like to have a box of tablets as well for times when mixing powder with fluid is impractical or undesirable.  I might use the tablets if I’m out of the house, if I’ve forgotten to take my powder and am about to eat, or if I’m about to go to bed and don’t want to be up in the night needing to use the toilet.  They work just as well as the powder and indeed many people prefer them, so it really is personal choice as to which you use.  I would warn you that they’re not especially easy to swallow, so if you’re a bit wimpy about taking tablets then do bear that in mind! 

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    Waterfall D-Mannose Tablets (50 x 1000mg)