Tiny Pioneer


The Tiny Pioneer Mission...

Our mission is to make it easy to buy niche supplements and other useful products that you might otherwise have to have imported or visit health food stores for.  Most of us lead busy lives and most of us don’t have lots of money to spare, so we at Tiny Pioneer want to cut the time, research and unnecessary expense out of your shopping!  We also hope to one day provide resources that may be useful to sufferers of complex health problems – the types of problems that perhaps are not always effectively managed by conventional methods, or that are simply not readily recognised as being ‘real’. 

We aim to use good, ethical companies who share our core values.  We believe in good health, in protecting the environment and in safeguarding animals.  We’re not perfect and we know there will be things we overlook, but as a business we:

  • Bank with an ethical bank
  • Have a phone contract with The People’s Operator, a highly ethical mobile phone company which allows customers to donate 10% of their monthly bill to a charity of their choice.
  • Pay for our goods as we buy them instead of owing money
  • Buy our goods from companies who do not test on animals  

Tiny herself:

  • Eats produce from organic, free range and sustainable sources as much as she can reasonably manage and afford to do so. 
  • Strives to use only cruelty free cosmetics, many of which are also free from parabens, silicones and other ingredients of dubious origin. 
  • Has personally at the time of writing tried all of the products offered for sale on this site and will always give her honest opinions of these.  If in the future she offers other products that she has not tried, she will ensure these come from reputable companies and will be transparent about the fact that she has not used them.  Quality, efficacy and ethics will always take priority over a quick buck at Tiny Pioneer.