Our Mission

Our mission is to make it easy to buy niche, bladder-friendly supplements that you might otherwise have to import. Our mission is to write free-to-access blog posts that you might find useful in your health journey, especially if your issues are chronic, complex and perhaps not recognised as ‘real’.  And our mission is to put our own name to innovative, quality products. 

At the time of writing, Tiny has personally spoken to or directly emailed the owners of all the brands represented here in our store.  In each case, the flagship products were born out of necessity to solve a family health crisis and, as a result, Tiny believes that each brand has a genuine commitment to improving the lives of its customers.  She knows that each owner continues to use their own products, which she feels is testament to their quality and efficacy.  In 2021 Tiny Pioneer launched its own brand of products which now sit proudly in our store alongside those of industry leaders! 

We only stock products that we believe in, from companies that we trust share our core values.  We believe in the value of good health, in protecting the environment, and in safeguarding animals.  We also know from personal experience how costly it can be to procure all the supplements you need to manage your health.  We’re not perfect and we know there will be things we overlook, but as a business we:

  • Bank with an ethical bank
  • Use an ethical phone company
  • Pay for our goods as we buy them instead of working to ‘terms’
  • Use FSC mix certified packaging for our smaller orders
  • Send you directly to Sweet Cures to take advantage of their bulk discounts and free shipping if you are in the UK and order only Sweet Cures products from us
  • Are upfront if we don't think our products are right for you or believe that products from other brands will be more suitable for you

Tiny herself:

  • Eats produce from free-range, organic and sustainable sources as much as she can reasonably afford to
  • Strives to use only cruelty-free cosmetics, many of which are also free from parabens, silicones and other ingredients of dubious origin
  • Has at the time of writing personally used products from each of the brands offered for sale on this site (though she hasn’t tried every single product from each brand – she loves you, but she can’t be taking products she doesn’t need just to road test them for you!)

Quality, efficacy and ethics will always take priority over a quick buck at Tiny Pioneer.