Can I take Tiny Pioneer aloe vera products if I have interstitial cystitis?


Can I takeTiny Pioneer aloe vera products if I have inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis?


Can I take Tiny Pioneer Aloe 200 Capsules or Aloe 600 Capsules with…?

Yes.  You can take them with any and all other medications and supplements. 

Do Tiny Pioneer aloe vera products contain aloin?

No, all of the aloe vera used in our products undergoes filtration processes that remove anthraquinones, including aloin and aloe emodin. 

Will Tiny Pioneer aloe vera products produce laxative effects?

No, as the anthraquinones are removed, they should not produce laxative effects.

How can I be sure that the aloe vera used in Tiny Pioneer products is good quality? 

Truthfully, you can’t be sure.  We use only USDA NOP certified organic aloe vera, which is grown without pesticides and is non-GMO.  Initial processing of the aloe vera begins at the field, as picked aloe leaves rapidly lose biological activity if they are not stabilised within two hours.  We use aloe powders which are filtered to remove anthraquinones before being gently spray-dried (loose powders and Aloe 200 Capsules) or freeze-dried (Aloe 600 Capsules) to preserve nutrients.  We use only highly concentrated 200:1 powders, so that we can pack maximum goodness into each serving.  We use only aloe vera that is International Aloe Science Council certified.  Finally, we had our Aloe 200 Capsules, our Aloe 600 Capsules and our Simply Aloe Powder comprehensively tested at an independent third party laboratory, because we wanted to know that our finished products retained good levels of mucopolysaccharides.  We are sure that the aloe vera used in our products is good quality.  Unfortunately, we realise that any seller of aloe vera products would probably say the same!  So you, the consumer, can’t be sure unless you get your own independent laboratory tests conducted.  We hope that you will give our products a fair try and let the results speak for themselves! 

I see that I’m supposed to take six Tiny Pioneer Aloe 200 or Aloe 600 Capsules a day.  That’s a lot!  Can I not take less and see how I go?

No.  If you’re not willing to take six capsules a day to begin with, then don’t waste your money.  Just leave the capsules on the shelf for someone else to buy.  It is fine to build up to the full serving of six a day gradually if you are sensitive to supplements – for example, you could take one a day for two days, then two a day for two days, then three a day and so on.  It is important that you do get up to the full recommended intake of six a day though and remain on it until your symptoms are under control.  Taking a smaller amount in the beginning would be like using a sticking plaster to hold a surgical wound shut and then complaining that the plaster didn’t work!  Once your symptoms are under control, you can gradually reduce your daily intake to find your own individual maintenance serving size. 

How do I reduce Tiny Pioneer aloe vera capsules down to find my own maintenance serving size?

Once your symptoms have subsided, you can reduce your daily intake of capsules gradually.  For example, you could reduce your intake by one capsule per fortnight, so you would go from six capsules a day to five capsules a day.  After two weeks on five capsules a day, you could go to four capsules a day.  After two weeks on four a day, you could go to three a day and so on.  When you feel your symptoms coming back, you can add one extra capsule back into your regime and that is your maintenance serving size.

How long does it take for the Tiny Pioneer aloe vera capsules to start working?

This varies from person to person, but you should allow three full months.  Interventions for managing interstitial cystitis often take a long time to show results, as outlined in various sections of this study.  (Whitmore, 2002, “Complementary and Alternative Therapies as Treatment Approaches for Interstitial Cystitis”.)  Many Tiny Pioneer customers report five to six weeks as a turning point, which is well into a second bottle of capsules.  To avoid disappointment, you should not expect a quick fix. 

If you start with Aloe 200 Capsules and have seen no improvement after one whole month, you might want to either:  a) increase to nine Aloe 200 Capsules a day; or b) upgrade to six Aloe 600 Capsules a day for month two.  If you have still had no improvement by the end of month two, you can increase your daily intake to twelve Aloe 600 Capsules a day for month three. 

If you start with Aloe 600 Capsules and have seen no improvement after one whole month, you might want to increase your daily intake to nine Aloe 600 Capsules a day for month two.  If you have still had no improvement by the end of month two, you might want to move to twelve Aloe 600 Capsules a day for month three. 

If by the end of month three you have not improved at all, then you are one of the rare people for whom our aloe vera capsules are not going work and you should stop taking them.  For most people, taking six Aloe 600 Capsules a day for three months should be sufficient to see some improvements. 

I was feeling much better and was able to drop to a maintenance dose of Tiny Pioneer Aloe 200 Capsules or Aloe 600 Capsules.  However, I am having a flare right now.  Should I take more again?

Yes, if you are having a flare you should increase your daily intake again.  You can increase back to six or even twelve a day.  Those of you who are settled on maintenance serving sizes of Aloe 200 Capsules might like to switch to Aloe 600 Capsules during flare ups, as they contain almost twice as much acemannan. 

Which is the best product for interstitial cystitis?

If you can only buy one, we’d recommend starting with Tiny Pioneer Aloe 600 Capsules or Tiny Pioneer Simply Aloe Powder, depending on whether you prefer a capsule or loose powder.  If you have a little more to spend and don’t mind a loose powder, Tiny Pioneer Blend No. 3 would also be an excellent choice, as it contains a combination of three ingredients that have each been studied for their anti-inflammatory effects.  If you are unable to afford Tiny Pioneer Aloe 600 Capsules, you can try Tiny Pioneer Aloe 200 Capsules or a half serving of Tiny Pioneer Simply Aloe Powder instead.    

You could also read this blog post and if it resonates with you, consider adding in Quercetin.  If you notice that particular foods and drinks are triggers, Tiny Pioneer Simply Calci-G might be a good choice too.  For those of you who genuinely can’t afford any of our aloe vera products, Simply Calci-G might be suitable standalone option, although it provides only symptomatic relief and does not promote actual healing.  Palmitoylethanolamide might also be a good choice – you can read more about that here.  And if you are prone to urinary tract infections, making D-Mannose a long term part of your daily regime is also a good idea.   

Are all Tiny Pioneer own-label products safe for people with interstitial cystitis?

Yes.  They are all bladder-friendly and should not exacerbate your bladder pain symptoms.

Is Simply Calci-G the same as Prelief?

Not exactly the same, no, but it is the same active ingredient.

Are your products already here in the UK?  

Yes.  Unless a product is showing as being sold out, it is already here in the UK. 

Where are you based?

Lancashire in the UK. 

Will I have to pay customs duties on my order?

If you are in the UK, no.  If you are outside the UK, yes.  See here for more information about that.

What countries do you ship to?

See our Delivery Information page for that. 

Why has my Ancestral Supplements order been cancelled?

Because you are outside the UK and we are not able to ship products containing animal ingredients outside the UK. They would be stopped and seized at customs.  That’s why we have a notice on each Ancestral Supplements product page saying that the item can only be shipped within the UK.

Does Tiny have IC?

No, but she used to be very prone to bladder infections and she gets bladder pain if she takes ascorbic acid. 

Are the products on your site genuine?

Yes, but we’d say that anyway, wouldn’t we?!  If you’re not sure, contact Ancestral Supplements directly and ask them.  They’ll let you know that we really are supplying their genuine products! 

Do you offer bulk discounts?

No.  We prefer to offer the best value that we can to all our customers, whether or not they can afford to buy in bulk. 

Do you ship to America?

No.  Ancestral Supplements and ICRelief are American companies, so you can easily buy their products over there! Sweet Cures, whose D-Mannose we sell, ships worldwide, so you can go direct to them for their products if you’re outside Europe.