Tiny Pioneer

Tiny Pioneer’s very own range of supplements, developed especially for people with interstitial cystitis! 

Innovative, bladder-friendly formulations made in the UK from the highest quality ingredients.  No added fillers and binders; no magnesium stearate.  Some products contain a little silicon dioxide, which acts as a flow agent, but most are completely clean.  Please note that in line with best practice, we declare our compound ingredients – we do not ‘clean wash’ our labels.  For more information about compound ingredients, please see this post

Our Simply PEA products use OptiPEA® palmitoylethanolamide, which is manufactured at a GMP-accredited facility using RSPO-certified palm oil.  OptiPEA represents the gold-standard of PEA production and we are very proud that we were the first in the UK to use it in our products!

All of our aloe vera capsules and aloe vera powders use highly-concentrated, organic, IASC-certified ingredients which comply with EU regulations regarding aloin content.  This means you can be confident our aloe products are made without aloin and other anthraquinones, ensuring they are non-laxative and safe for long-term use.  Gentle spray-dry and freeze-dry processes preserve nutrients, including acemannan, which we subsequently verify via independent laboratory testing. 

At Tiny Pioneer, we believe that optimum nutrition should not be off limits to those with sensitive bladders.  We are therefore delighted to offer two low-acid multivitamins without B6 and a B complex without B6, carefully formulated with interstitial cystitis in mind.  These are premium formulations for the discerning supplement customer, on a par with professionally dispensed conventional brands. 

Please enjoy browsing our range!  To find out more about the Tiny Pioneer story, please check out the About Us page and read about Our Mission

Thank you!