Sweet Cures

Sweet Cures was founded in 2003 by Anna Sawkins, who had suffered with cystitis and kidney infections for over 30 years.  Left miserable by repeated short courses of broad spectrum antibiotics interspersed with reinfections, Anna discovered a little-known ingredient called D-Mannose that finally helped her to resolve her bladder issues.  Sweet Cures became one of the first companies in the UK to produce and sell D-Mannose and this flagship product has gone on to win industry awards and commendations from all over the world.  

Sweet Cures now produces a range of natural products with the cystitis patient in mind.  Each product is made from the highest quality ingredients and is packaged in biodegradable material.  Sweet Cures' dedicated customer service team is open five days a week to provide suppliers and customers alike with detailed product information.  Tiny Pioneer is delighted to offer a selection of Sweet Cures products and is very proud to do business with such an ethical and trailblazing company.  Tiny personally uses Waterfall D-Mannose powder twice daily and would never be without it!  It is the only brand of D-Mannose that we recommend.  

Please note that we supply Sweet Cures products more as 'add on' items than single purchase products.  If you do not wish to purchase any other items from our store, we would recommend that you buy Sweet Cures' products directly from them, as they offer free UK shipping and bulk discounts!  You can purchase only Sweet Cures' items from us if you want to, but we are unable to offer the same discounts.