Ancestral Supplements

We are currently out of stock of all Ancestral Supplements products, with the exception of Collagen and Thymus.  Owing to ongoing issues with customs, we don't know if or when we will have more stock.  We certainly won't have any in the next few weeks.  If you want to be notified in the event of us getting more stock, please go to the page of the product you are interested in and sign up for email notifications at the bottom of the page.  We apologise for the inconvenience.

Throughout history, humans practised 'nose to tail' eating, consuming almost the whole animal to support physical and mental health.  In nature, carnivorous animals still consume the organs first, especially the liver and bone marrow, because they know that these are the most nutritious parts.  Over the last century or so, humans have become rather squeamish about the parts of the animal they consume and this traditional way of eating has largely died out.  

Our tastes may have changed, but the nutritional needs of our bodies have not.  Although food is more abundant than ever, nutrient deficiencies and chronic health conditions remain common.  Ancestral Supplements created a range of freeze-dried, wholefood organ capsules to try to replenish some of the nutrients missing from most modern diets.  

Ancestral Supplements source cattle exclusively from New Zealand, a country famous for its excellent animal husbandry and where there has never been a case of BSE.  The cattle are pasture raised without use of hormones, pesticides or GMO ingredients.  Each product is manufactured one small batch at a time to ensure quality and freshness and to avoid over-harvesting the cattle.  For this reason, it is common for Ancestral Supplements products to go out of stock quite regularly.  If you have a favourite product that you don't want to live without, we would recommend that you buy extra when it is available, as we are unable to guarantee a steady supply of any particular item!  

We love Ancestral Supplements' products and their ethos as a company.  We are thrilled to be able to offer them to the UK market!