Aloe 600 Capsules (180 Capsules)

Freeze dried aloe vera capsules

Aloe 600 Capsules (180 Capsules)

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Tiny Pioneer Aloe 600 Capsules represent a premium alternative to our Aloe 200 Capsules for those who want higher levels of mucopolysaccharides.

Each capsule contains 600mg of organic aloe vera, which is filtered to remove anthraquinones before being gently freeze dried to preserve nutrients, including acemannan.  

Acemannan is considered the main bioactive mucopolysaccharide (also known as glycosaminoglycan or ‘GAG’ molecule) in aloe vera 1.  It is known to have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial 2, gastrointestinal and wound healing properties, which might be relevant to those with interstitial cystitis.  

We have had our Aloe 600 Capsules independently laboratory tested and each contains a whopping 70mg of acemannan!  You can refer to the table in the images to see the results.  The first number is the percent of acemannan present; the second number is the weight of acemannan present per capsule; and the third number is the weight of acemannan per three capsule serving.  

Aloe vera is listed as a complementary and alternative therapy used by interstitial cystitis patients in a 2002 article by Kristene E. Whitmore 3.    

Aloe vera has also been studied in a double-blind placebo-controlled trial of 44 hospital outpatients with ulcerative colitis, where it was found to produce a clinical response more often than placebo when taken for four weeks 4.   

Tiny Pioneer Aloe 600 Capsules are made using organically grown, IASC certified, freeze-dried aloe vera.  They contain no common allergens and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.  The anthraquinones, including aloin, are removed making them gentle on the stomach and suitable for long term use. Naturally, they are bladder-friendly!


As a food supplement take three capsules twice a day, or as directed by a practitioner. The capsules can be taken with or without food, but for best results take with some fluid.  Do not take if pregnant or breastfeeding unless advised to do so by a doctor.

Interstitial cystitis is known to respond quite slowly to pharmaceutical, physical, and nutraceutical interventions.  Often, treatments are trialled over a three to six month period 3, 5.  We therefore recommend three months of consistent usage at the full intake of six capsules a day before drawing any conclusions. 

If you are moving to Aloe 600 Capsules from another brand of aloe vera capsule and already have your bladder symptoms under control, we would recommend keeping to the same serving size that you regularly use to begin with.  You might then be able to gradually reduce your Aloe 600 serving size to around half whatever your current intake is.  You can increase your Aloe 600 intake back up to your original serving size if ever you need to.  If you would rather leave your routine as it is and not attempt to reduce your regular serving size, this is also fine!  It is entirely your choice!


Each capsule contains:  600mg of organic, freeze-dried aloe vera juice powder from inner leaf (200:1); 20mg of calcium carbonate; and 10mg of silicon dioxide.  HPMC capsule shell.  A silica sachet is added to absorb moisture and preserve freshness. 

Please leave the silica sachet in the container and keep the lid sealed when not in use.  If the aloe capsules are exposed to moisture, the powder will become clumpy.  This will not affect the efficacy, but it will make the capsules less visually appealing.  We will not issue refunds for clumpy capsules! 

Tiny says:  I am delighted to be able to offer a premium quality aloe vera capsule, which I hope will be of particular interest to people with interstitial cystitis, painful bladder syndrome and non-bacterial prostatitis.  I was initially worried about taking high-potency aloe vera capsules, as I have had quite bad IBS in the past and have to be very careful what I eat and drink in order to stay healthy.  I need not have worried – the removal of aloin and other anthraquinones laxative components meant they didn’t give me any problems at all!  

I am thrilled that Aloe 600 Capsules offer such high acemannan levels and I can’t wait to hear what you think of them!  I do want to emphasise that as with other products, it might take a while to notice changes, so please be patient and consistent.  If you’re going to give up on them after two weeks, please just save your money and our reputation and don’t buy them! 

On a budget?  You might like to try Tiny Pioneer Aloe 200 Capsules instead.

Don’t like taking capsules?  Not a problem – we also offer Simply Aloe Powder, Aloe Mallow Powder and Blend No. 3 with even more acemannan per serving! 

Not sure which aloe product to buy?  This flow chart might help.  So might this blog post.

Want to learn more about acemannan?  No worries, we’ve written a blog post about it!

Don’t know what anthraquinones are?  We’ve got a blog post about that too!


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    Freeze dried aloe vera capsules

    Aloe 600 Capsules (180 Capsules)